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The Eyesinfinite Foundation is an international collective of artists, entrepreneurs, and educators that creates and distributes media that promotes human rights and environmental justice. Our initiatives provide platforms to understand global challenges with multi disciplinary perspectives that improve how we regard each other and the planet we share.


We come together in an unparalleled time, when humanity seems to have limitless ability to access  information that sheds light on immense social, intellectual, environmental, economic, and educational challenges.  Eyesinfinite aims to be the spoke in a wheel where diverse ideas meet and result in art, media, and education that transmit the importance of sustainable development.


We believe that the path to achieving one goal is infinitely linked with others, and that solutions often overlap.  Together, we can oppose global discrimination, wastefulness, destruction, and misinformation through thoughtful media that translates the languages of science, politics, and art and moves us to activism.





Tomato Plant


A global nightmare is unfolding as scientists and farmers stand at a crossroads questioning the impacts of Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world.


The feature documentary Children Of The Vine investigates how Monsanto’s 40 years of misleading science about Roundup is killing farm workers and impacting public health and the environment across the globe. A shocking exploration into the deadly consequences of Roundup, the film blends investigative reporting with a potent argument that the best solutions starts with banning Roundup and investing in organic,

biodynamic and regenerative farming practices. Directed by award winning filmmaker Brian Lilla, Children Of The Vine is half way through production and raising funds to complete principal photography by the end of 2020.


To make an on-line tax-deductible donation to Children Of The Vine through the Eyes Infinite Foundation, click here. For potential donors who would like to be sent a full proposal and budget for the film, please send a request to:

Paper Leaves Cutouts