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Brooke is an artist educator whose work investigates interpersonal relationships and the languages we create in order to communicate.  She designs and facilitates collaborative art-making experiences, resulting in immersive, sensorial environments that evoke questions of safety, connection, communication, and embodiment. She is Co-Founder of the public art education initiative DIGLOSIS, and has worked both independently and with various organizations to support arts education that provides access to all learners by addressing social inequities, social emotional learning, language acquisition, and critical thinking.



Leigh Gaymon-Jones is a people-centered creative -- she is a mover, a maker and a grower. She is committed to ecology and land-based movements, and has worked in farming and sustainable food systems for a decade. As an interdisciplinary performance artist, Leigh explores themes of personal understanding and human relationships. 


Leigh is inspired by human connection and human capacity. She currently works for the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, and is a proud member of the Embodiment Project board. Whether leading a yoga class, performing on a stage, or facilitating a farm workshop, Leigh’s practice is an ongoing invitation for students, artists, and audiences to witness their intuitive creative voice, personal wisdom and inherent goodness.



Jessica Habie is a founder of Here She Comes Productions and the creator and director of Here She Comes. An award winning filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jessica founded the non-profit Eyes Infinite Films in 2003. She is the director of the feature film Mars at Sunrise (2014), starring Golden Globe winning Actor Ali Suliman, and the short film Mandatory Service (2008), which won Best Documentary Short at the Tribeca Film Festival and was featured at the Cannes Short Film Festival. Mars at Sunrise won several awards, including best soundtrack at the East End Film Festival in London, and Best Actor at the Alexandria Film Festival, and continues to screen around the world. Jessica graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and holds a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Creativity from the California Institute for Integral Studies. 



Allegra Hirschman lives in San Francisco with her wife and two little ones. She is a researcher, multimedia storyteller, outspoken bisexual, and line dance enthusiast. She has a Masters in Women’s and Gender Studies which makes her a great addition to any party where people want joy-killed. You can find her occasionally commenting under the unfortunate twitter handle @AllegraHirschma


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Brian Lilla has dedicated over twenty years to directing documentary films large and small.  From his award winning investigative documentary Patagonia Rising to the intimate Tale Of Two Bondage Models, Brian’s work spans across themes of environmental, LGBTQ and social justice. Making films has taken him from the Northern Patagonia Icecap to downtown Tokyo to the streets of Oakland. Brian thrives on getting outside his comfort zone to capture stories that bring voice to marginalized communities.  His work has been broadcast on Netflix, Discovery Channel and many broadcast outlets across the globe. The impact of creating stories that makes peoples lives better is why he continues to make movies.  Currently he is directing Children Of The Vine, a feature documentary that investigates Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup and its impact on public health and the environment.  Brian joins the Eyes Infinite Foundation collective to support fellow filmmakers as they bring their stories to life.


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Neva Pemberton has a passion for emancipatory praxis and is deeply committed to contributing to education transformation  in the Caribbean, where she is rooted and lives with her family.  Neva currently works as the Chief of Education Planning for the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis, spearheading strategic planning and policy coordination in the education sector.  She is regionally regarded as a thought leader in her field and has been invited to share her expertise and professional experiences in various forums world-wide.  She has a PhD in International and Comparative Education from UCLA and a postgraduate certificate in Advanced Education Sector Planning from the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning.

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